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Fear Free

Fear-Free Ceritified

At Lake Town Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to giving you our very best, in all that we do.

In addition to exceptional medical and surgical care, we are fully committed to the Fear Free approach to veterinary practice, an elevated standard of veterinary care that not only considers the physical well-being of each patient, but also their emotional health. It’s no surprise that a trip to the veterinary hospital is scary and stressful for many of our patients. This negative experience is also stressful for you, the pet owner, and can prove to be a barrier to optimal care and optimal health for your pet. Dogs and cats learn by conditioning, so these negative experiences can unfortunately build upon one another. It is our goal to do everything possible to reduce fear, anxiety and stress in every patient, at all times. Our entire staff is Fear Free Certified and we truly believe each patient is entitled to a gentle, safe experience in our hospital.

Less stress equals better health, and better health results in a happier pet. Happier pets lead to happier owners, and thus the bond is strengthened. We are excited and proud to be your partner in helping your pet lead its happiest, healthiest life!

Please take a moment to visit This website will give you additional information on the Fear Free initiative, as well as many helpful resources on pet wellness. Please take the time to specifically view the video on Dog or Cat Body Language. Our pets are communicating with us all the time, and it is our mission to recognize any fear, anxiety or stress that we can help alleviate. Please also take the time to complete the Fear Free Pre-Visit Client Questionnaire and submit to us well in advance of your first appointment. This will serve as the foundation of our efforts to improve your pet’s veterinary hospital experience each and every time they visit!

Fear-Free Ceritified